A work in progress - need to identify the many birds that visit and I am sure I will think of, or see, other animals over time.
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Harbor Porpoise Water Mammal Common at different times of the year. We have seen as many as 100 at a time in small groups in front of Sunrise Acre 
Barred Owl Bird Fairly common recently. We've seen them in the woods and on our deck. 
Bald Eagle Bird Very common most of the time. They nest here and then come and go throughout the rest of the year following the food. We have a few regular pairs that return every year and raise their young here. 
Osprey Bird Very common; seasonal 
Rat Mammal Too many; too much bird food available 
Mice Mammal and shrews and all sorts of little mammals I cannot individually identify 
Mountain Beaver Mammal Nocturnal - I've seen them a couple times but see their holes all too much in my garden 
Dove Bird In our aviary 
Coyote Mammal Not too common at Sunrise Acre but have seen them and we can hear them on a regular basis 
Douglas Squirrel Mammal Very common - our cute little native squirrel 
Gray Squirrel Mammal Too common - larger than the Douglas Squirrel, this is a United States native but not native to this area. More and more in the area 
Opossum Marsupial Very common, nocturnal so we only see them now and then. Did you know they live an average of 18 months? 
Raccoon Mammal Very common - cute but a pest and one of the reasons we no longer keep chickens 
Deer - Black Tailed Mammal Common in the area but not too common at Sunrise Acre until recently 
Bats Mammal Not sure what kinds of bats; but they are common and we love them eating all those flying bugs 
Red Fox Mammal Fairly common 
River Otter Water Mammal Very common and very cute but also rather stinky. We see them in the water and on the bulkhead on a regular basis 
Marten Mammal I thought it was a Fisher but that would be a rare sighting so I will go with Marten 
Gray Whale Water Mammal Common in Puget Sound. We saw two close in on our beach rubbing on rocks in shallow water 
Harbor Seal Water Mammal Very common 
Clams Mollusk Several varieties on the beach 
Oyster Mollusk Common but not a lot of them on our beach 
Geoduck Mollusk The biggest of clams; commercially harvested in front of our house 
Parakeet Bird Just our little cuties in their aviary 
Black Bear Mammal Common in the area; seen occasionally at Sunrise Acre 
Snowy Owl Bird Occasional visitors 
Humpback Whale Water Mammal Making a comeback in Puget Sound. We saw a couple from our deck once and keep watching to see them again! 
Orca Whale Water Mammal Often reported in the area but I've never been looking at the right time! 
Dog Domestic Mammal White Shepherds Abby, our senior tri-pawd and Dillon the younger 
Chickadee - Black-capped & Chestnut-backed Bird My favorites in the yard - they nest in a couple of our bird houses and frequent our bird feeders. 
Nuthatch Bird Common in the yard - nest in the area and in some of our birdhouses 
Crow Bird So smart! Lots in the area; always harassing the eagles and carrying on conversations.  
Cat Domestic Mammal No cats living at Sunrise Acre right now but plenty in the neighborhood 
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